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"Smell Gas? Act Fast!"

The Georgia Public Service Commission starts a statewide natural gas safety and awareness campaign to spread the word on what actions to take if you smell gas. For information on how to protect yourself and your loved ones go to

Georgia Utility Facility Protection Act (GUFPA) and Pipeline Safety

The Georgia Utility Facility Protection Act, enacted by the Georgia Legislature in July 2000, provides for the protection of the buried utility facility infrastructure within the State of Georgia. That protection is provided by requiring excavators to call for a facility locate prior to excavating or blasting and requiring the facility owner/operator to locate their facilities upon request. To file a report on a probable violation of the Georgia Utilities Facility Protection Act (GUFPA), go to GUFPA Violation Reporting System. For information about Georgia's one call system for locating and identifying underground facilities, go to Georgia Utilities Protection Center - Call Before You Dig.

Pipeline Safety

Click here to find out information on pipeline safety.


Click here to find out information on the Georgia Utility Facility Protection Act (GUFPA).

Commission Recognized Best Practices

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